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11th International Seminar for Physical Education Teachers 2016, Vierumäki, Finland, 31.7. – 4.8.2016

Getting active not only increases fitness but has many other benefits. Increasing the amount of physical activity in and out of the classroom not only boosts children’s wellbeing...

Invitation for International Scientific Conference in Serbia

International Scientific Conference „Anthropological and Theo-anthropological views on physical activity from Constantine the Great to modern times“ will be held in Kopaonik, Serbia in March 23 -27, 2016. More information: fiep-serbia.net

MFIEP book 2016 “Physical Education and New Technologies” – call for articles

FIn 2016 FIEP is planning publish book „Physical Education and New Technologies” We are offering the opportunity to contribute a “chapter” article to FIEP delegates, members and friends...

Most important FIEP events 2016 – 2018

For easier planning your travel and time schedules for years 2016, 2017 and 2018 here is update of FIEP most important events:...

Marry christmas and happy new year 2016.

Report from 1th Afro-European Conference on Physical Education and Sports, 10th FIEP European Congress, 25th FIEP World Congress, Rabat, Morocco, 12th – 15th of November 2015

1th Afro-European Conference on Physical Education and Sports together with 10th FIEP European Congress and 25th FIEP World Congress was held from 12th – 15th of November in Rabat, Morocco. Topic of the congress was “Physical Education and Sport for Peace, Development and Multicultural Understanding“. Congress was organized by Institut Royal de Formation des Cadres, Centre National des Sports Moullay Rachid in Rabat and its partners....

11th FIEP European Congress, Banja Luka 2016 – congress website is open

Official website of 11th FIEP European congress that will be held from 14th to 18th of September 2016 in University of Banja Luka in Republika Srpska, Bosnja and Herzegovina was launched on 21st of September 2015....

International Scientific Conference “Management, Sport, Olympism”, Belgrade, Serbia, May 29, 2015

The traditional International Scientific Conference at Alfa University, Faculty of Management in Sport has been held for the 11th time and was dedicated to “Management, Sport, Olympism”. This year the Conference has been included into the IOC calendar. The Conference was opened by the Rector of Alfa University Mila Popović Živančević PhD, the Dean and the President of ....

International Scientific Conference “Fundamentals of Motorical Literacy in Early Childhood Development " will take place in Skopje, Macedonia, 20th of September 2015.

The 10th International Balkan Education and Science Congress place in Ohrid (17th-19th of September 2015) and International Scientific Conference in the field of physical education “Fundamentals of motorical literacy in early childhood development " which will take place in Skopje ....

II. International Conference “Healthy Lifestyle of Children and Adolescents: Traditions and Innovations” was held on 1st–2nd of April, 2015 at the Belgorod Institute of Education Development

The Conference was held on 1st -2nd of April 2015. Participants were representatives of 12 Russian regions; foreign participants came from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Transnistria, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, Singapore and Iraq. The conference was open with a video greeting of Branislav Antala, FIEP Europe President....

Launch of Brain Breaks Globally

Mr. Tom Root, CEO/Founder of HOPSports and Mr. Ming-kai Chin, Vice-president of HOPSports are excited to announce free basic brain breaks access to all teachers around the world. Content that has been developed by students and professors from 70 countries highlighting the contribution of sport, fitness, and adventure toward the creation of...

FIEP will be present on Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy 2016 in Ankara, Turkey.

The Faculty of Sport Science, Physical Education and Sport Teacher Education Department at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey, oragnise the Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy (GoFPEP 2016). 120 delegates representing over 60 countries/regions have been invited to...

President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins Launched Worlds First UNESCO Chair in Adapted Physical Activity at IT Tralee

President of Ireland Michael D Higgins launched 24th of February 2015 the world’s first UNESCO Chair in the area of Adapted Physical Activity at the Institute of Technology, Tralee. The UNESCO Chair is...

Marry christmas and happy new year 2015.

FIEP Endorsement for International Events in 2015

FIEP official endorsements for international events:...

International Academic Conference of University of Zagreb, Faculty of Teacher Education, Croatia, Opatija, 13-15 April 2015.

International Academic Conference „Researching Paradigms of Childhood and Education” will be held in Opatija, Croatia, on 13-15 April 2015. FIEP endorse this event. Deadline for abstracts submission ...

International Scientific Conference on University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Serbia, Belgrade, 11-12 December 2014.

International Scientific Conference „Effects of Physical Activity Application to Anthropological Status with Children and Youth, and Adults“ will be held in University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sport and ...

Report from 9th FIEP European Congress and FIEP Delegates Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria, 9th – 11th of October 2014

9th FIEP European Congress together with 7th International Scientific Congress “Sport, Stress, Adaptation” was held from 9th – 11th of October in Sofia, Bulgaria. Topic of congress was “Physical Education and Sport – Competencies for Life“. Congress was organized by National Sport Academy in Sofia and its partners with patronage of Ministry of Youth and Sports of Bulgaria. Special thanks belong to the FIEP national delegate of Bulgaria Daniela Dasheva, President of Organising Committee and Stefka Djobova, Scientific Secretary of congress and to all others, who participated on preparation of ...

23. 9. 2014
FIEP participated at HIPE 2014

16-18 September 2014 FIEP participated at the Hungarian International Conference on Physical Education HIPE 2014. This conference was the first conference presenting the evolutionary and innovative findings developed during the last 1.5 years within the framework of the EU priority project called T.E.S.I. ...

Global HOPSports On line Streaming Brain Breaks Content Creation Project finished 1st phase

HOPSports is an educational media network which promotes active, healthy, sustainable lifestyles and behaviours in the home, school and workplace. The goal of Brain Breaks Project is to build model schools world-wide which nurture the development of the whole child, using technology to integrate physical activity, music, culture, art, and career and character development. Since students...

1st Asia FIEP Conference on Physical Education – Tokyo, Japan, 13th of December 2014

FIEP is renewing activities in the Asian region. 1st Asia FIEP conference on Physical Education will be held in Tokyo, Japan on 13th of December 2014. Conference topic will be "Physical Education and its Impact to...

FIEP Croatian Award

FIEP Croatian Award, created in 2013, is Croatian award for awarding the most successful young scholars (under 35 years) who have made great contributions to the development of kinesiology at the national and worldwide level. This year awarding ceremony was held...

FIEP Awarded by Comenius University in Bratislava

Celebration of 95th anniversary of Comenius University in Bratislava was held on 26th of June 2014. President of Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska and representatives of different Slovak and European Universities participated in the ceremony. Awarding of personnalities and organisations with significant contribution to the development of ...

FIEP representatives were elected in ICSSPE Executive Board for period 2015 - 2018

Statutory meetings with General Assembly of International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) was held in Helsinki, Finland from 9th to 12th of June 2014. FIEP representatives Daniela Dasheva (Bulgary) and Branislav Antala (Slovakia) were elected as members of ICSSPE Executive board for period 2015 – 2018.

FIEP will be present on Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy (GoFPEP) in South Africa

110 invited delegates from 58 countries will participate on Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy in South Africa. GoFPEP is organised by North–West University in Potchefstroom Campus from ...

FIEP endors book: Chin, M. - K., & Edginton, C. R. (Eds.) „Physical Education and Health: Global Perspectives and Best Practices „ Urbana, Ill.: Sagamore Publishing.

Book contributions derive from 109 scholars representing 67 universities, institutions and schools from 40 countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada...

New FIEP Europe profiles was open in Facebook and Twitter

FIEP Europe book 2015: "History of Physical Education in Europe"

From 2010 FIEP Europe lunched every year one scientific publication: 2010 – "Integration and Inclusion in Physical Education"; 2011 – "Healthy Active Life Style and Physical Education"; 2012 – "Professionals and ...

New FIEP Serbia website was lunched.

Marry christmas and happy new year 2014.

Report from 8th FIEP European Congress and FIEP Delegates Meeting, Bratislava, Slovakia, 29.8. – 1. 9. 2013

8 th FIEP European Congress was held from 29th of August to 1st of September 2013 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Topic of congress was “Physical Education and Sports Perspective of Children and Youth in Europe“. Congress was organized by FIEP, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Comenius University in Bratislava, Physical Education Teachers Assosiation and its partners with patronage of Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of Slovak Republic. Special thanks belong to...

FIEP Europe Thulin Awards 2013 – 2014 – Call for nominations

Marry christmas and happy new year 2013.

FIEP endorse project "Designed to Move"

FIEP endorse new project "Designed to move" prepared by NIKE, Inc, ACSM and ICSSPE. Project is oriented to support of physical activities of children and youth....

Report from 7th FIEP European Congress and FIEP Delegates Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, 7. 6 – 9. 6. 2012

7th FIEP European Congress was held from 7th to 9th of June 2012 in Barcelona in Catalunya, Spain. Topic of congress was "Together for Physical Education". Congress was organized by FIEP Catalunya, Faculty of Psychology, ...

9th International Seminar for PE Teachers 2012 – Physical and Health Education – Promoting Wellbeing at School, July 29 – August 3, 2012

The seminar has been organized every second year since 1996 and it is held at the Sport Institute of Finland which is one of the leading ...

FIEP endorsement for international events in 2012

FIEP will endorse many international events during the year 2012. We would like to invite all FIEP members and supporters for participation on these events and ...

Marry christmas and happy new year 2012.

FIEP PE and sport history section - report from Scientific conference, Nis, Serbia, 2011

Anthropological and theoanthropological aspects of physical activities from the constantine the great to nowadays...

Report from 6th FIEP European Congress and FIEP Delegates Meeting, Porec, Croatia, 18th - 21st of June 2011

6th FIEP European Congress was held from 18th to 21th of June 2011 in Porec in Croatia. Topic of congress was "Physical Education in the 21st Century - Pupils' Competencies". Congress was...

27. 6. 2011
"Proffessionals and Volunteers in Physical Education"– FIEP publication 2012 – call for papers

In 2010 and 2011 FIEP published scientific monographs "Integration and Inclusion in Physical Education" and "Healthy life style and Physical Education" (there is a possibility to order this books in antala@fsport.uniba.sk, price is 20,– Euro/book + 3,- Euro shipping)...

Call for Team Leader ⁄ Senior Expert in Physical Education Teacher Training and Sports

Human Dynamics (www.humandynamics.org) is one of the most successful companies implementing international technical assistance projects funded mainly by the EU. Human Dynamics has been invited to tender for the EU-funded project "Training of trainers programme for sports and physical education teachers in Kosovo". We now seek a range of key and non-key personnel for this project. ...

14.3. 2011
Graduate Journal of Sport Exercise & Physical Education Research goes live!

University of Worcester in England in cooperation with FIEP and IFAPA prepared new project "Graduate Journal of Sport Exercise & Physical Education Research" ...

FIEP World Activities 2011 - 2013

Marry christmas and happy new year 2011.

22. 9. 2010
"Healthy Active Life Style and Physical Education " – FIEP publication 2011 – call for papers

In august 2010 FIEP published scientific monograph "Integration and Inclusion in Physical Education" with articles of 36 authors from 12 countries and 170 pages ...

FIEP Oceania Conference Recommendations – Fiji, 7–9 July, 2010

At the International Federation of Physical Education Oceania Conference, held in Fiji, 7–9 July, 2010 (organisers were University of South Pacific in Suva, FIEP Fiji national delegate Jeremy Dorovolomo and FIEP Vice–president for Oceania Grant Jones from New Zeeland) delegates agreed on recommendations for physical education. According to these recommendations ...

FIEP representatives elected as a new ICSSPE Executive Board members 2011 – 2014

Statutory meetings of International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) were held from 6th to 10th of July 2010 in Havana in Cuba. ICSSPE meetings were a part of World Forum on Physical Education and ...

8. 6. 2010
FIEP Report for ICSSPE meetings in Havana, Cuba, July 6th – July 8th , 2010

Since last general meeting of ICSSPE in Brisbane on july 2009, FIEP has been mantaining its work on schedule...

FIEP Europe develops relationships with national PE teachers associations

In last period FIEP Europe devoped relationship with many national PE teachers associations. The most important contacts were created with:...

Congress "Olympic Myths and Sport Heroes", Monastir, Tunisia, 23. – 25. 9. 2010 – Call for Abstracts

The European Committee of Sport History congress focuses on the Olympic myth and the notion of sports hero within the framework of the history of sport in Europe. Monastir welcomes ...

8th International Seminar for Physical Education Teachers, Vierumäki, Finland, 1.– 6.8. 2010

The seminar has been organized every second year since 1996 and it is held at the Sport Institute of Finland which is one of ...

FIEP Bulletin 2010 – call for articles

In 2010 FIEP World will prepare publication of 2 issues of FIEP Bulletin. Topics will be: "Physical Education of people of 3th age" and "Motricity of human being"...

Marry christmas and happy new year 2010.

New FIEP Romania website is open

Faculty of Movement, Sport and Health Sciences of University "Vasile Alexandri" of Bacau in Romania organised from 6th to 7th of November 2009 International Conference for ...

FIEP Congresses 2010 – Foz de Iguazzu (Brasil), Suva (Fiji)

During next year FIEP will organise many events in the world. We would like to give information about two – congresses in Brasil and in Fiji.

Report from 5th FIEP European Congress and FIEP Delegates Meeting, Niš, Serbia, 23. – 26. 9. 2009

5th FIEP European Congress was held from 23rd to 26th of September in Nis in Serbia. Topic of congress was "Competencies of Physical Education Teacher in 21st Century". Congress was organized by Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Niš, under patronage of...

"Integration and Inclusion in Physical Education"– call for papers – new information!!

In 2009 FIEP Europe is planning to publish scientific monograph "Integration and Inclusion in Physical Education" ...

FIEP Report for 2009 ICSSPE Meetings in Brisbane (July 4. – July 6, 2009)

Prepared by Branislav Antala (Slovakia) and José Fernandes Filho (Brasil) ...

FIEP Delegates Meeting, 25th of September 2009, Niš, Serbia - Invitation

I would like to invite you to participate on FIEP national delegates and assistant national delegates meeting that will ...

Conclusions – FIEP International Congress, 28.-30.4.2009, Monastir, Tunisia (french version)

Du 28 au 30 Avril 2009 a été organisé le premier Congrès International de Monastir sur le thème de ...

Success of Monastir Congress in Tunisia

From 28th of April to 30th of April International congress was held in Monastir in Tunisia "Reality of physical education – motor education or sport education? What tendencies?". Congress was organised by ...

"Integration and Inclusion in Physical Education" – call for papers

In 2009 FIEP Europe is planning to publish scientific monograph "Integration and Inclusion in Physical Education". We offer possibility ...

"The Reality of the Physical Education: a Sports Education or a Motor Education" – International Conference in Tunisia

FIEP would like to invite you to participate in the 1st International conference named "The reality of the physical education: a sports...

FIEP supports development of Igent game

Igent ("Jadžent") is a motor game. It was created by prof. Janko Pavlis form Temerin in Serbia 10 years ago. This motor game can...

New FIEP World Directorial Board and new FIEP Representatives in ICSP

During the 24th FIEP International Congress in Foz do Iguacu in Brazil a meeting of FIEP delegates was held, where the question of FIEP work in following period was discussed after the unexpected death of president of the FIEP World prof. Manuel Tubino. Manuel...

24th FIEP International Congress in Foz do Iguacu in Brazil

During the days 10th – 14th of January 2009 the 24th FIEP International Congress was held in Foz do Iguacu in Brazil. Congress is traditionaly the biggest FIEP event in Latin America. More than 3000 participants from more than 20 countries ....

Prof. Dr. Manoel Gomes Tubino
29. 5. 1939 – 18. 12. 2008